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We’ve finished V 2.0 of our VR/AR White Paper. As we’ve said previously, we think Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality represent the next generation of truly transformational content experiences.

We started this paper as a class project, and then decided to throw it open to the community at large – who have helped make it a much better document all around. We really appreciate all the great suggestions that have come in.

The VR/AR White paper includes:

  • A table listing 200 leading companies in the space (Section 6)
  • Interviews with industry leaders Aaron Koblin, Grant Anderson, Ted Schilowitz and Xin Chung (Sections 15-18)
  • Completely updated information on the major current and upcoming product launches (Sections 19-29)

Click here to get the VR/AR white paper

Photo credit: Maurizio Pesce on Flickr

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