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No medium in history can match the power of television. No product has spread so far and so fast, commanded so much influence and capital—and so fully redefined how people see themselves.Spanning decades, hurtling through technological revolutions, and transcending fads, trends, and styles, the story of television’s rise and evolution is the story of modern American life.

A unique blend of commerce, art and technology, television has become the indispensable carrier of our history—from Kennedy to The Beatles, the Moon Landing to Watergate, Michael Jackson to September 11. It has moved from mindless escapism to engaging high art—as shows like The Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Wire have become monuments of culture.

Now, television is moving into its fifth and most powerful age, and a new generation of devices and methods—from Netflix and YouTube to mobile and virtual—set the stage for the global age of media available at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.

As powerful as television’s platforms and content have become, even more fascinating are the stories of the people, the battles, and the innovations that have shaped it over the decades, behind the camera, in boardrooms, in bars and backlots from New York to Los Angeles. Stories such as how:

  • Lucy and Desi foresaw the future and won ownership of I Love Lucy from CBS and its sponsors—becoming the leaders of a Hollywood revolution
  • NBC gave a standup comic named Seinfeld only four episodes to prove himself
  • TV vet David Chase, tired of television, developed the story of an archetypal 1990s family man’s problems – who happened to be the Don of New Jersey– and Tony Soprano was born

In TELEVISION: Innovation, Disruption, and the World’s Most Powerful Medium, two-time Emmy® Award winner, Television Academy governor, and leading voice in digital media Seth Shapiro brings all these moments together into one epic narrative with unparalleled insider interviews.

The TELEVISION series is a must-read for all TV fans and anyone looking to understand the rapid changes in communications, business, and media, cross-industry and worldwide.


Seth Shapiro teaches THE class on the media business. Now, he’s writing THE book. He’s THE expert.—Ryan Holiday – Best Selling Author, Director of Marketing, American Apparel