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From television hosts to radio personalities, on-air professionals love interviewing Seth. His deep understanding of the changing business climate touches many of the biggest breaking stories in the news cycle, including:

  • The Impact of Disruptive Technology
  • Net Neutrality and the Future of the Internet
  • The Rise of Netflix and Amazon and the Future of Cable
  • The Regulatory Climate in Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • The State of the Global Movie Business
  • The Impact of Social Media
Seth in the Media
Seth in the Media
Seth in the Media

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New Amsterdam Media and Seth Shapiro – In the News

Seth is a sought-after speaker, panelist, moderator, and commentator. Here’s a small sample of his online, on-air, and in print appearances:

Companies’ Data Security in Question After Sony Hack

Companies’ Data Security in Question After Sony Hack

"Movie studios have, by and large, behaved as high-security intellectual property purveyors" — Seth Shapiro

Late night TV hosts reach for digital domination

Oct 1, 2015

"It's the holy grail, to be able to sell cross platform advertising," said Seth Shapiro, digital media consultant and a governor at the Television Academy, bestowers of the Emmy awards. More from Reuters here...

Net Neutrality Explained in One Image

"Net Neutrality is the idea that an internet provider will treat everyone’s data neutrally, equally – whether it’s an email from your grandmother, or a transfer from Bank of America." — Seth Shapiro

5 Theories on the Death of Cable TV—And Why They’re Wrong

"Recent successes in social for big events like the Grammys, the Super Bowl and MTV’s VMAs indicate that networks are beginning to harness the power of social to keep viewers tuning in." — Seth Shapiro

Creative Arts Emmys: Evolution of the Interactive TV Category

"We really want to recognize work in social and work across platform and general user experience." — Seth Shapiro

Emmys, Netflix, Verizon, YouTube + TV’s Future

The Emmy awards, new media like Netflix, YouTube, and the techno traffic battles with Verizon and other internet service providers is discussed with Emmy Award winner Seth Shapiro.

Emmy’s Television Academy hosts mixer at Facebook HQ in NYC

Television Academy Governor Seth Shapiro addressed the crowd the first of a series of events to remind the social TV world how important their organization is to the future of social media and television.

It’s All About the Data

It’s All About the Data

Industry experts, including Seth Shapiro, explore ways to analyze and measure real-time, consumer data being gleaned from a wide range of 2nd Screen experiences — everything from Twitter to branded promotions to apps.



Seth’s Masterclass arms executives, creators, and producers with the strategies and techniques that a brand new generation of media leaders is employing: Cross-platform Development, Original Online Programming, Social Media and Screen Content, User Experience and Interactive Design


Research Council Member

Research Council Member

The Annenberg Innovation Lab is a high-energy, fast paced Think & Do Tank with a mission to foster real-world innovation at the dynamic intersection of media and culture.

Sony cyberattack may be costliest ever

"How can they proceed if everyone in the audience has already read the script?" — Seth Shapiro

Sony hacking fallout puts all companies on alert

"... Sony executives apparently gave out passwords in unencrypted emails and made other security blunders." — Seth Shapiro

Sony hacking fallout puts all companies on alert

December 18, 2014

"The apparently laxity of Sony IT security — given the history of prior hacks — is unprecedented in the history of media technology." — Seth Shapiro

Television Academy Presents its Amazon Studios event in NoHo

Interactive Media Peer Group governor Seth Shapiro moderated a panel that included cast members like Matt Malloy, Clark Johnson, and Jon Daly.

The Death of Cable and Rise of New Media with Seth Shapiro

The digital media world has changed the landscape of entertainment, and not all industries and networks have responded to the change well.

The Economics of Hulu, Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster

"Netflix has a great user experience… Their ability to spend and their massive subscriber base make them very difficult to catch-up with." — Seth Shapiro

The Evening TV Summit – Programming Meets Technology

Seth Shapiro moderated this evening keynote roundtable co-sponsored by TV Academy & Digital Hollywood.

Thought Leaders

"We're pleased to be able to be a member of the SPROCKIT community and to assist start-ups in navigating the waters of the entertainment and media industries in sync with the titans of such industries." — Seth Shapiro

Top Digital Content

Award-winning content creators joined multichannel network Presidents and senior execs to discuss 2014 highlights and 2015 predictions at the Top Digital Content event with the Television Academy Interactive Media Peer Group. Moderated by Seth Shapiro.

TV Academy Awards Six Interactive Media Emmys

Seth Shapiro is co-governor of the IMPG, one of the largest peer groups in the TV Academy.

TV Academy crowns Pivot, Discovery, and HBO in Interactive Media Awards

TV Academy Governor Seth Shapiro announced the 2014 winners of Outstanding Creative Achievement.

Valuing and Financing Entertainment Content

Along with media CEOs, Presidents, and Partners, presenter Seth Shapiro shared his expertise in venture capital, equity, and crowdfunding as it relates to valuation and finance of multimedia entertainment.

Who Controls Television

"The past is often prologue… at least until now." — Seth Shapiro

‘House of Cards’ = Great TV, Not Revolutionary TV

"There’s been a media blitz over Netflix’s ‘House Of Cards,’ and how revolutionary it is… the most interesting show of the year. But it’s not revolutionary. Let’s break it down." — Seth Shapiro

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