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Speaking on Leveraging Technological Innovation

Blockchain and the Fourth Wave of Media Technology

In this talk at World Blockchain Forum, two-time Emmy Award winner Seth Shapiro discusses the global impact digital media and technology has had on the world of entertainment — and how many industries and networks have crumbled by not adapting to this change.

A Brief History and Future of Media

Two-time Emmy® Award winner Seth Shapiro is a leading global advisor in media and technology innovaton. His work includes projects with Disney, Comcast, DIRECTV, Intel, IPG, NBC, Showtime, Verizon, Universal Pictures, Goldman Sachs and a range of early stage ventures. He is a frequent speaker on media and innovation worldwide, has served as an expert in several federal media matters, and is completing his first book on the history and future of television.

The Death of Cable and Rise of New Media with Seth Shapiro

The digital media world has changed the landscape of entertainment, and not all industries and networks have responded to the change well. Seth Shapiro joins Media Mayhem to discuss the death of cable, and how new platforms have revolutionized how we think about tv--which happens to be in a Sopranos-sparked golden period that's not going to last forever...

Keen Conversations: Seth Shapiro

Innovation and media expert Seth Shapiro says the TV industry has learned from music and print, as streaming and over-the-top services revolutionize their businesses.

Industrial Darwinism, Pt 3: The Golden Age of Radio

Why do some succeed and others fail? As Darwin observed, those who win are rarely the smartest, the fastest or the strongest. But they are the most adaptable. In this series, Seth Shapiro looks at world-shaping moments in finance, automotive, engineering and media to shine a light on the actions and attitudes that have led to legendary wins and losses in businesses and art – and how we learn from these to improve our own careers.

Emmys, Netflix, Verizon, YouTube + TV’s Future with Seth Shapiro

The Emmy awards, new media like Netflix, YouTube, and the techno traffic battles with Verizon and other internet service providers is discussed with Emmy Award winner Seth Shapiro. Net Neutrality, the future of viewing platforms, piracy and the trends to watch for in how we view programing is all explored with the astute TV insider in this uncensored Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

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