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Tech disruption has accelerated to become what I call Industrial Darwinism. Digital technology companies are displacing, and often destroying, the market leaders that once seemed invulnerable.

  • The world’s biggest taxi company owns no cars (Uber)
  • The world’s biggest media company creates no media (Facebook)
  • The world’s largest accommodations company has no real estate (Airbnb)
  • The world’s largest retailer has no inventory (Amazon)

How did this happen? The stories behind these disruptions are amazing. To share them, we’ve produced a series of short case studies on digital innovation.

The first three case studies in the series tell how:

  • Netflix, a tiny startup, destroyed $8.5 billion behemoth Blockbuster
  • Amazon reinvented retail and surpassed Walmart’s market cap in just 2 decades
  • Apple crushed Blackberry and Nokia with a product consumers didn’t even know they wanted

Click here to get the case studies

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