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This article originally appeared in CNBC.

“If you take the Beachbody model, there is probably a good analogy to Netflix,” noted Seth Shapiro, a digital media analyst and principal at New Amsterdam Media LLC. “Netflix began the same way that Beachbody has become a $200 million business in the consumption of fixed media, DVD sales, but increasingly over time you’re going to see more and more content shift from fixed media to online content, and so it’s likely that more and more of the stuff would be available on demand on any device at any time, and probably that’s the direction that Beachbody will have to go.”

“Increasingly what you’ll see is as more and more of the over- the-top services proliferate and become a default standard, all the barriers were broken down by Netflix and Hulu adoption rates,” said Shapiro. “You’ll see online services going after the niches that cable hasn’t dominated, and anything that requires personalization leads. Fitness is perfect, but obviously it’s really crowded.”


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