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Apropos of nothing, this occurs to me every time I see a commercial for it: I loved the first season of the thing. Trump never said anything in the boardroom that I didn’t agree with. If the boardroom was a set next to the apartment that never bothered me either. But then I started to hate it. Here’s why: after enough years of corporate life, it was just too clear how steeped in Cold Withholding Daddy the whole premise was once the novelty wore off. Most of these contestants quickly stopped doing their antics to win a job and quickly began slaving to win Bossman’s approval… Mr Trump will like this, Mr. Trump would never approve of that, blah blah.

Which, really, is a damn sad way to live. I would much prefer a show about a bunch of daypass lunatics who start their own companies. Wait, that show is on already – it’s called Los Angeles. Never mind.

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