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For the past few moths I’ve been busy with several new projects: starting on my first book, gearing up to teach at USC, booking events with our Peer Group at the TV Academy, and the usual assortment of projects, including strategy work for one of the major tech companies; business planning for a new game company; and bus dev for a digital film aggregator.

I’m really excited about the book and the course in particular. The course will be an overview of 15 big topics in digital media and entertainment, including overviews of the states of the TV, film, game, music and online content business as well deep dives into tablets, advertising, startup funding, cable/sat vs. OTT, multiplatform, story worlds and more.  Really looking forward to it and hoping to post some of th big takeaways here as we go.

Thanks to all my friends who have graciously agreed to come as guest lecturers – we’ll have fun!

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