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In 2015, the most frequent question we heard was, “how do the economics of OTT work?” 

In 2016, the most popular question was, “is the hype around VR justified?” When we answered “yes,” the inevitable next question was, “what VR projects should I look at first?”

We’re updating our 2016 White Paper now; it will be ready in April. Till then, here’s a subjective list of ten places to start, with links to each.

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Studio: Penrose Studios

Dir. Eugene Chung

“Six degrees of freedom is huge. It adds so much to what we call ‘presence,’ which in many ways is the holy grail of virtual reality. How do we move and think in this medium? Allumette is about thinking natively in virtual reality.”

—Eugene Chung


Allumette brings viewers into a magical city in the clouds — Dr. Seuss meets Cirque de Soleil. We wind through its street, following a little girl named Allumette and her mother.  The navigation-driven story uses the power of room-scale VR beautifully. Allumette elevates the platform with one of the first truly original cinematic VR experiences.

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Available from: Viveport, Steam, Oculus Store



Studio: Within

Directors: Gabo Arora, Chris Milk

 “By leveraging breakthrough technologies such as virtual reality, we can create solidarity with those who are normally excluded and overlooked, amplifying their voices and explaining their situations.” 

—Gabo Arora 

The groundbreaking Clouds Over Sidra was one of the first projects to prove VR’s power as an “ultimate empathy machine,” and a potential agent of social change. Sidra brings viewers into the world of a 12-year old girl named Sidra, who guides the audience through her temporary home: the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. 

Sidra helped UNICEF double its donation rate; after one screening, the UN’s Humanitarian Pledging Conference in Kuwait raised $3.8 billion—nearly twice the projected revenues.

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Available from: Within app, YouTube 360


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