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In the Digital Age, It’s Innovation or Extinction

A decade ago, retailers thought they were immune to technology disruption. The taxi and limousine business thought so, too. So did the hotel industry, financial services, newspaper business, television, etc. They were all wrong. Amazon reinvented retail. Uber created a new market in transportation. AirBnb did it in hotels. As the Industrial Revolution did 150 years ago, the Digital Revolution will reach everyone in business.


Will YOUR company fall by the wayside… or innovate and thrive?

Through his keynotes, workshops and consulting services, Seth Shapiro helps companies transform disruptive technology into competitive advantage. He works with leaders to turn obstacles into growth opportunities, using new technologies and business models.

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January 6: CES Gary's Book Club, Las Vegas

January 4: CES, Digital Hollywood Virtual Reality Transforms Media, Las Vegas

October 18-21: Digital Hollywood Valuing and Financing Entertainment Content: Movies, Television and Online Video, From VC & Equity to Crowdfunding, Los Angeles

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