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On the heels of Comcast fast-tracking its iPad guide app last year – shown here at the Cable Show – Comcast announced today that it will stream live TV to tablets.  not clear yet whether this offensive (to maintain value to subs) and defensive (to compete with Netflix, Apple and other OTT providers) will happen soon or is just planting a flag for CES.  Hopefully there will be a demo at the show.

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  1. Comcast did announce that they will stream live TV to tablets, but with some limitations. They did announce that customers will have the option to stream live TV to their Ipads, but that’s only in the comfort of their homes, and only up to 3 devices. I don’t think Comcast is headed in the right direction. I am a DISH Network employee as well as subscriber and have the sling adapter capabilities with my services. So I just downloaded the free app for my android phone and now I have live TV where ever I go. It’s definitely the way to go! 🙂

    • Thanks Alison- great point. Sling is definitely a competitive advantage for Dish, and being able to access content out of home is a clear win. Any idea what the penetration/usage metrics are for Dish on remote access?

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