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On 7/19 I’ll moderate a discussion on “The Influence of Audience” for BLT LA, at the Luxe Hotel in LA (Sunset @ 405).  Social media has obviously increased discussion of the effect of audiences on the creation of media. But in truth (whether through market testing in TV, multiple mix releases in music, or test screenings of multiple endings for features) the community has always had a role in the birth, growth, and evolution of popular media.

It’s worth taking a look at cases where fans and haters have influenced the direction of major projects, and valuable to discuss how communities can be engaged to improve projects.

By request: there has been one mobile IPO so far in 08 (OnMobile). There were 16 in 07, 10 of which were in the first half of the year.

Unlike the dismal IPO/venture stats we mentioned yesterday, private equity is only slightly (3%) off its stellar, record-setting 2007 total ($313B) – press release is here.

As expected, AT&T has ended its current five-year agreement with Dish, effective in this December. It did the same with DIRECTV a few months ago. Not clear what the long-term dance will be (or not be) between ATT and satellite – the acquisition speculation is not far behind us. if ATT does want a sat partner, this certainly clears the way for a year-end DTV/Dish bidding war.

According to the NVCA, there was not as single VC-led IPO in the last quarter. Not one. This follows a slow Q1, in which there were only five. In the first half of 2007, there were 43. This is not a good sign.

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You may have read about Canoe Ventures, a long-in-development but recently-unveiled consortium of the US cable MSOs to create a national ad sales platform for cable. The venture points underlines the need for cable to modernize its ad sales businesses and compete more effectively. It gets ridiculed for obvious reasons (cable isn’t known for its lightning business response), but the effort could really matter. Will be posting some links re Canoe soon.